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Bathroom Shower Tile For Shower Wall And Floor

Bathroom shower tile is the tile that used in the shower room in the bathroom. Tile is one of the materials that waterproof so it’s very suitable to be used in places that having water all the time such as pool or bathroom. In case of bathroom, the place that constantly having contact with water is the shower room. They’ll usually use the tiles for the shower wall and shower floor. In this article, we’re going to talk about some tile designs that you may like to be used in your shower room.

bathroom shower tile designs

Bathroom Shower Tile Designs

Simple Design of Bathroom Shower Tile

15 Inspiration Gallery from Bathroom Shower Tile For Shower Wall And Floor

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Bathroom Shower Tile Designs

The first one is the simple design. The simple design in the shower room is the one color tiles for the shower room. You can find many shower rooms that use this design for the room. The popular one is the white tile shower room. Since many of the shower rooms are in white theme, then why don’t we try the white tiles for the wall and floor? In that way, you can get the full room of white color. If you want the new look, then you can get contrast color from your bathroom. If your bathroom is in white color theme, you can use black tiles, pink tiles, or other colors for shower wall and floor. That’ll make the room looks livelier.

Patterns on Shower Tile Designs

The second design is the patterns on the tile wall and floor. In this design, you need some tile colors to create certain pattern for the shower wall and floor. You can use black and white tiles and then create chessboard pattern on the shower wall and floor. You can use other colors to create other designs based on the patterns that you like. You need to ask workers to do the installation of the tiles but you can be the one who design the pattern.

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