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Custom bathrooms are bathrooms that work and look like you do. These bathrooms are you from its ceiling to its flooring and probably all in between, and no wonder they are your favourites. Escaping for a while and enjoying your very personal time, bathroom has been your most favourite spot. Having its design in custom, enjoy your personal time there even more.

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Whether you are one that is more into classic or are one that prefers modern, custom bathroom come with so many way. It can be made custom from the grand design, the features or the decorating accents. Set up designs are nice and work well, but when it comes to style preferences, it could be just as personal as individual. Custom bathroom also means that you can redesign it based on your allocated budget. But, today budget custom has a great ability to come in disguise, so even if your custom budget is minimal, there are many ways to make it looks like a million dollar one. The key is by choosing distinct look that no one will be able to guess. You may have that rug in discount, but no one will notice that if you choose a motif that comes only one in a million. To play with mirrors is also a great way to camouflage and make any common details look more dashing.

Unusual custom

Since they are bathroom that comes in custom, do not feel hesitated to make it looks unusual, to even weird and wonderful. For your very own space and your very own territory, say yes to make it as you as possible. This is that special bathroom that you will always miss and seek no matter how many bathrooms you go despite of their space and weirdness.

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