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Staircase ideas are the ideas about the decorations for the staircase. Usually, people just let their staircase in simple wooden staircase without any decoration or without changing the paint. If you want to at least change the color of the staircase, you may get better staircase in terms of the look. You can ask some workers to paint your staircase. But if you have some free times, you can try to do it yourself. In this article, we’ll give you some examples about DIY staircase decorations.

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Basement Staircase Ideas

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The first example is about how you use paints. There’s a way to paints the staircase called Ombre Paint. The point in this painting staircase is using color combinations to make a bold staircase appearance. You can use two contrast colors such as pink and blue for the color combination. After that, you can decide which color for the surfaces and which one for the edges. After that, you can paint the holder with the same color as the staircase surface. You can actually change the color combination with more than two colors. You can play with the colors as long as the colors match each other. You can also create certain pattern such as dots, flowers, and many more. Well, that’s if you can draw the patterns.

Chalkboard Style Staircase

The second model is called Changeable Chalkboard. This is a very creative idea to make unique staircase. The idea is pretty simple; you put the chalkboard on the edges of the staircase and keep the surface in original way. You can then write some quotes or words with colorful chalks on the board and let the people read the words that you wrote on the board. This kind of staircase will be make the kids excited because they can play with the boards too. But of course, you need to be careful about the safety when you let the kids play on the staircase.

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