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Drop Ceiling Ideas For Your Living Room

Drop ceiling ideas can be one nice idea to be applied in the living room. This kind of ceiling idea will be able to generate the even lighting all over the room, especially on the side of the living room. Therefore, you will be able to light the whole living room evenly. If you want to have the drop ceiling, maybe you can try these ideas below.

basement drop ceiling ideas

Basement Drop Ceiling Ideas

Drop Ceiling Ideas in Central Part

12 Inspiration Gallery from Drop Ceiling Ideas For Your Living Room

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Basement Drop Ceiling Ideas

This kind of drop ceiling can be considered as the most common one. That is because the ceiling that is lowered is located on the central part of the room. This kind of drop ceiling might require you to add some extra lights on the side of the dropped ceiling to light more area on the side of the dropped ceiling.

Drop Ceiling on the Sides of the Room

Another idea that you can try for the dropped ceiling is the side dropped. This kind of dropped ceiling is similar with the central dropped ceiling, but this one is lowering the ceiling on the side of the room. Therefore, the central part of the living room has the highest height. This kind of idea might be the best if you want to use fewer lights for the lighting since you will not need the central bulb.

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