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Get To Know About Ceramic Kitchen Knives

Ceramic kitchen knives are categorized as new kind of knives. It is actually a great kind of knives and always being compared with its older brother, the steel knives. You might be confused about the differences of the two knives and many people just choose the steel knives because they do not know the characteristic of ceramic knives.

are ceramic kitchen knives better

Are Ceramic Kitchen Knives Better

The Characteristic of Ceramic Kitchen Knives

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Kitchenaid Ceramic Knife

You need to know that the best ceramic knives are made by zirconium oxide as the main material. That makes ceramic blade stronger and more lightweight than the steel one. But you cannot cut a hard thing like frozen foods with ceramic knives because it will be broken because it is tend to be more fragile rather than steel knives. Most professional chefs prefer to choose the ceramic knives because it is sharper so you can slice your food easily.

Things that Have to Be Avoided While Using Ceramic Knives

Even though ceramic knives are pretty sharp but it is so fragile because it is brittle, you can slice cheese perfectly with ceramic knives but there are something that must to be remembered when you are using ceramic knives. You must avoid to slicing hard vegetables or fruits with ceramic slices and you better only use ceramic knives to cut the boneless kind of meats.

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