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Handicap Bathroom That Comes With Beauty

Handicap bathroom must meet the needs of those in special need. In bathroom for handicap, the accessibility is the key for a well function as well as good look. Because, no matter who will be using the bathroom, beauty should never comes the least consideration. To a bathroom that works well for anyone especially those in special needs, plus a beauty that will make anyone feels nice to be there, here are some points to be considered anytime you need to count handicap bathrooms.

handicap accessible bathroom

Handicap Accessible Bathroom

Technicalities in handicap bathroom

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When it comes to bathroom for handicap, there are standardized rules to be followed. It is rules set by The Americans with Disabilities Act. It is about the dimension, which the door of the bathroom and the other doors in the home should be 34 inches in minimum. Also, should use levers instead of knobs. A 5-foot turning radius is also required, however tight space may adjust to a remodel especially if the wheelchair is the electric one. The shower stall should be curbless, and at least three feet deep and five feet wide. A curb with a rubber is necessary for the wheelchair to roll over. The shower should be the hand-held one and the sink must be clear in the beneath. There are more in technicalities for bathroom for handicap, and anyone can easily access it in The Americans with Disabilities Act issues for more complete guidance and rules.


Bathroom with aesthetic for anyone

The last but not least rule is to not avoid the aesthetic aspect for bathroom for handicap. In bathroom for handicap, the aesthetic should not come from an over decorating. The decorating should not be those that limit the accessibility especially for those in priority list. To play with motif and colours can be one of the supporting decorating ways.

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