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Inspirational Decorating Ideas With Red Bathroom Rugs

Red bathroom rugs play pretty important role in decorating the space. Red isn’t a color that’s common for a bathroom, but once it is set well, the bathroom can be really striking. Red color develops cheerfulness and good mood. So when it comes for us to talking about a red rug, a bathroom is no longer an ordinary area at home. No matter how small or hidden the rug is, it does make different in offering uniqueness. Below are the ideas you may favor for the next decorating project for your bathroom.

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Brick Red Bathroom Rugs

Red Bathroom Rugs for Vintage Feeling

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Brick Red Bathroom Rugs

Do you love vintage? If you do, you may also want to implement the theme to the bathroom. Actually, it is as easy to set the bathroom in red. Focusing on the rug, you can choose one that’s eye-catchy, which has red and white plaid as its appearance. The combination, then, can involve a deep red color for the wall painting and floral patterned ottoman in red and ivory. This arrangement is most suitable for you who own a bathroom with tub, so the ottoman detail won’t get wet. If you are striving for such idea for the standard bathroom, simply situate the rug outside it, while the red color still accompanies you through the interior walls.

Red Rugs for Luxurious-looking Bathroom

Luxurious bathroom look can be achieved with plain rug. While you absolutely are free to blend the color red with tones like white, gold and pink, what makes the rug very attractive is its texture that is furry and lush. Such texture will make the rug outstanding effortlessly, but not taking the main spotlight for itself as you’ll feature furniture in the bathroom. One item we recommend to you to realize this idea is  Dakota Bath Rugs from Vita Futura with modern, geometric design in red color option.

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