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Kitchen chalkboards are one of your decoration choices to furnish you kitchen. This decoration will make your kitchen looks more fashionable. This kind of thing is not only as your decoration but also multi-purpose décor. Your kitchen will indirectly talk to you and remind you what you have to do. You can hang on your need list, your shopping list, and any other kitchen necessity.

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Chalkboard For Kitchen

How to get Kitchen Chalkboards?

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This decoration is easy to get. There are two kinds of chalkboard decoration that you can choose, chalk “board” decoration or chalkboard wall. For the first choice, you only need your chalk board and stick it out to your kitchen’s wall. You can get this chalk board in any interior furniture market or you can reuse your used chalk board with a little recondition.

Chalkboards for Kitchen Wall

This second choice is more impressive. You can change your dull kitchen-wall to be fashionable and modern. First, you need chalkboard paint. And then, prepare which part of your kitchen’s wall you want to compose to be a chalkboard wall so clean it up from any paint dust residue and keep it dry. Use your paint roller to paint your wall, and paint it carefully for the best result. Wait till it is dry. And your wall is ready to be written.

August 25, 2017 Kitchen Decorations

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