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Knowing About Your Driftwood Coffee Table

Driftwood coffee table is furniture that will maximize the function of the living room. The table has very unique shape. Each of the table is unique. You will never find two identical driftwood tables. The table made from two big parts. The first part is the base of the table. The base has unique shape and never same. The base is from the natural driftwood which preserved and carefully maintained. It gives natural feeling and adds the table uniqueness. It is also giving the artistic feeling to the table. The second part is the upper part. Usually the upper part made from big glass. It is made from the glass so you can enjoy the beauty of the driftwood to the fullest. But, in some table, they also use another material.

beach driftwood coffee table

Beach Driftwood Coffee Table

How to Make Driftwood Coffee Table

13 Inspiration Gallery from Knowing About Your Driftwood Coffee Table

Making A Driftwood Coffee Table
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Beach Driftwood Coffee Table

The making process of driftwood table is pretty hard. The hardest part is to preserve the driftwood first before using it. At least, there are four steps to preserve the driftwood. First, the maker needs to clean the driftwood. He will wash the driftwood to clean it from soil, mold, dust, or debris with water. To get rid of the dirt in narrow part, he will use the small brush. After that, the driftwood will be soaked in the mixture of bleach and water for a couple of days. Then, it will be dried by wrap it in towel or in newspaper. It will be placed in the natural sunlight for some days. The last, it will be coated with turpentine and beeswax.

Take care of the Table

Since the driftwood is easily affected by weather, do not expose it to the extreme temperatures. Avoid to put hot or cold drinks on it. Also, use silicone free cleaner or polish to get rid the dirt and dust from the surface of the table.

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