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Make Your Own Upholstered Coffee Table

Upholstered coffee table is a special coffee table that also has kind of cushion on top of it. It is really lovely. The table also can acts as a good decorations for your living room. You can find this kind of table on the nearest furniture store. But, you may also love to make this beautiful table by your hand.

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Leather Upholstered Coffee Table

Preparation to Make Upholstered Coffee Table

15 Inspiration Gallery from Make Your Own Upholstered Coffee Table

Coffee Table Upholstered
Diy Upholstered Coffee Table
Diy Upholstered Ottoman Coffee Table
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Leather Upholstered Coffee Table
Round Upholstered Coffee Table
Round Upholstered Ottoman Coffee Table
Upholstered Coffee Table Diy
Upholstered Coffee Table Ottoman
Upholstered Coffee Table With Storage
Upholstered Coffee Tables
Upholstered Ottoman Coffee Table
Upholstered Ottoman Coffee Tables
Upholstered Ottomans Coffee Tables
Upholstered Storage Ottoman Coffee Table

First, you will need a usual coffee table, of course. Choose the table that has the size fits to your need and the area of the room. A bigger table may look uneven and decreases the beauty of the room. You will also need paint remover before start to paint the table. The items needed for the cushion making are foam, fabric, batting, staple gun, tread, needles and buttons. Please prepare ruler or another item to help you in taking measurement. Do not forget the boards too.

Start the Making Process of the Table

Remove the old paint from the table first before you apply the new paint. Measure and mark the board with pencil to know where to place the buttons. Then, drill the board according to the marks. On the foam, cut the holes that will be the place for the buttons to sink. After that, the foam is ready to be added on the board with the batting. Use the staple gun to neatly keep the foam on the board. The foam will have smooth edges of you make the foam overlap the board. The, you can start to apply the tufted top. This part needs a lot of concentration and patience to achieve great result. After you pass the entire step, now you can attach it on the coffee table. Use the L-shaped hinge to make sure that the cushion is securely attached to the coffee table. Now you are already done your own coffee table.

August 19, 2017 Table Design Ideas

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