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Red Kitchen Canisters In Vintage Style

Red Kitchen Canisters are very suitable for you who love the vintage style or anything with classic design. You also can choose another color like white or maybe peach for vintage kitchen canisters style, but you will never wrong in red. Red will be so matching with any of your classic stuffs, so does the red canisters that will look so great with your vintage kitchen theme.

kitchen canisters red

Kitchen Canisters Red

Beautify your Vintage Kitchen with Red Kitchen Canisters

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Red Kitchen Canisters

Food storages are one of the important decorations of your kitchen. Use canisters as your dry food storages will not only give you its usefulness but also the styles. The best part is that you can always use canisters in any kind of your kitchen theme. Try to place some red canisters in your vintage themed kitchen and feel the flashback into the 60s eras.

DIY Red Vintage Canisters

If you want to optimize the vintage look of your kitchen, why do not you try to make your very own red canisters? It is not a hard thing to do because your classic taste will surely guide you. Collect some old jars, cans or bottles in large size and wash them up. Make sure that you clean both of the inner and outer side of them, do not forget to clean any labels that stick on the surface. Once you clean your stuffs, paint them all in red. A shocking red or even dark red are pretty good for your vintage designs, insert some floral paintings. You can draw the daisy pattern to make them look classic.

August 31, 2017 Kitchen Decorations

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