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Rustic Kitchen Lighting With Chandeliers Accent

Rustic kitchen lighting will surely be something best that you can get if you want to have the rustic impression for the kitchen. However, the rustic look of the lighting will not be enough. You might also want to add the chandeliers as the support of the rustic effect in your kitchen. Here are some nice examples of the rustic lighting with chandeliers effect that you can try.

diy rustic kitchen lighting

Diy Rustic Kitchen Lighting

The Vampire Castle Rustic Kitchen Lighting

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The design of this kitchen lighting is considerably simple. It only has the round shape like a wheel with some candleholder on the side where you can put the candles. The design with some lines as the hanger will surely highlight the rustic effect from the lighting in your kitchen. It looks like the lighting in the castle in vampire movies.

Rustic candle in the Jars Lighting

Another nice idea is the candles in the jars. Basically, the concept is a little bit similar, however, you can choose some other shapes for this kind of lighting, not only the round, but also the square or rectangular. On the outer side, you will be able to find some jars for placing the candles. This kind of lighting can be something nice and rusting for your kitchen. Therefore, you might want to try it.

August 27, 2017 Kitchen Decorations

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