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Travertine Bathroom For A Long Lasting Elegance

Travertine bathroom is today most favourite bathroom; even its appearance is already there since back in time. These bathrooms have its own signature that is in the use of natural stone of travertine. Natural stone of travertine use in these bathrooms is dominant, and one bathroom is called travertine if the travertine element is cold enough. Travertine is sedimentary rock of terrestrial, and many of the uses are for monuments, temples and other significant building. Bringing this natural stone to your bathroom surely will be a way to make it elegant like no other. Travertine is what makes different between suite-class room and standard room, with luxury becomes it most paired word.

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If you want a touch of travertine in your bathroom, you can choose the master bathroom to be applied this idea. Master bathroom is the centre of bathrooms in your house, and is the representative of other bathrooms may exist. Considering that travertine natural stone uses is pretty costly, you can give it a little trick if you want to still apply it. Bathroom with travertine ideas are usually bathrooms with travertine appliance from the wall to the floor. Scaling down the size of the bathroom can make you apply a much fewer travertine but with still major effect. Going this way, it will be better if your master bathroom comes in a smaller space.


Features that match with travertine

Stone and marble are one that will match travertine in bathroom. With travertine, your bathroom will need no more decorating ideas, since travertine itself already comes with its natural beautiful motifs. Add bright lighting fixture that will highlight its beauty, and mirrors to reflect this flawless elegance of corner to corner. Have your own luxury escape, in a beautiful bathroom that will last for many years to come.

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